Week 4

This week we went over music scores, in particular, looking at themes and how they can tie together a film.

I read through an analysis of the famous ‘Star Wars – The Force Theme’ http://www.filmmusicnotes.com/john-williams-themes-part-1-the-force-theme/


This was a very insightful read as it explained how the piece was composed and the structure of the piece itself. What is remarkable about this is that the main section of this piece was reworked for other sections of the score to fit into the film and the scene in which it was playing, IE at the end of A New Hope when the ‘Throne Room’


This only solidified what we had gone over in class time as it had perfectly fit the Leitmotif definition in that it was ” a musical theme that recurs in the course of a work to evoke a particular character or situation.” and “Through proximity and association one can anchor motifs to character/characteristics.” Which had been done throughout the film in particular when it was focused on Luke Skywalker being the Hero of the day.

This also lead into another topic of class that week which was the psychological bond that characters are tied to with the score. For example using Star Wars as a reference again, When the ‘Imperial March’ comes on, you know that the scene will focus on Darth Vader and/or the Stormtroopers, The way the theme is structured it gives the audience a feeling of danger and signals that these are the ‘bad guys’.

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